24/09 ~ 18:30-20:00

Biblioteca Palácio Galveias

Campo Pequeno, 1049-046 Lisboa

Free Entrance

fotografia ambulante

Itinerant Photography: A brief history of photography and its movements,
with Rui Prata


One of the objectives of IMAGO LISBOA is the contribution to a greater knowledge and understanding of the history of photography, as well as strategies for conquering new audiences and the development of interpretive capacities for the photographic image.

This lecture will be held, which will be repeated in two places, where a concise history of photography and the main artistic movements will be presented.

Spoken in Portuguese.


01/10 ~ 11:00-19:00

IPCI - Instituto de produção e Comunicação de Imagem

Avenida Conde Valbom 102B

Free Entrance


©Claudia Damas, Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa.

Lisboa Photo Book Fair Preview

Since 2010, Lisbon Photobook Fair has gathered and nurtured all those who develop their work in the context of photographic work publishing in book format - photographers, publishers, booksellers and during a whole weekend, has been providing a representative showcase of works developed during a year long.


In 2021, anticipating the usual Fair’s date, always in the last weekend of November, and together with Imago Lisboa Festival is presenting LPBF Preview. The LFBF Preview is a one-day event and will feature a cycle of conversations around the book edition, with some of the photographers present at the 2022 edition of the Imago Festival: Augusto Brázio, Mafalda Rakos, Flávio Andrade and also with a photobook market, where several of the booksellers and editors, who are usually present during the Lisbon Photography Book Fair. Fair dedicated to publications about photography, with a parallel program of talks around the publications and books, with the festival's national and international guests: Augusto Brázio, Flávio Andrade.

03/10 ~ 18:00-19:30

Universidade Lusófona: Room Z 0.3

Campo Grande 376, 1749-024 Lisboa

Free Entrance. Spoken in English.

Harri Pälviranta

Aula aberta com Harri Pälviranta, mediada pela filósofa Stefanie Baumann e Alexandra Athanasiadou, Philosophy Photography Lab.


Open class in which the Finnish artist will present the series of the last years of work. The session has free admission, open to the entire university community, but also to the general public. This initiative takes place in the context of the protocol signed between the IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival and Universidade Lusófona. Mediation of the conversation will be the responsibility of Philosophy Photography Lab, online platform set up to serve the purpose of knowledge sharing between artists and philosophers organizes a discussion between philosopher Stefanie Baumann and artist Harri Pälviranta on the role of philosophy in image-making. How is philosophy embedded in artists’ work and how can it be used as a tool for further development of their practice? Can artists inform the work of philosophers? Is philosophy only linked with conceptual photography? These will be some of the questions addressed while also inviting the audience to join in and exchange views. The conversation will be moderated by Alexandra Athanasiadou, founder and director of the PHLSPH Lab.

18/10 ~18:30

Universidade Lusófona, Cinema Fernando Lopes

Campo Grande 376, 1749-024 Lisboa

Free Entrance


"Sonhos Lúcidos – Depois de Cem Anos de Solidão",

João Campos e Fernando Almeida, 2022, Doc, HD, 78 min. M/12

“Um filme documental, que narra a actualidade na Colômbia, que ainda reflete a memória e a formação de uma identidade como Nação. A cidade de Medellín, marcada profundamente pela memória da guerra de guerrilha e do narcotráfico e que, ainda hoje, está sujeita a outros fenómenos relacionados com estes. Cidade em que a passagem numa “fronteira invisível” pode significar a morte. Mais longe de alguns destes problemas, aparece-nos a Amazónia Colombiana, que nos recorda que os povos na sua origem não estavam separados por fronteiras fictícias e que ainda hoje procuram preservar a sua cultura e identidade”.

04/11 ~ 18:00-22:00

Lançamento do livro de fotografia “D,P,O”, de Tim J. Veling

a ilha / XYZ Bookshop

Rua Ilha do Príncipe 3 A - Porta E, 1170-182 Lisboa

Free Entrance

livro xyz

©Tim J. Veling, in “D,P,O”, 2022.

Festa de Encerramento IMAGO LISBOA


“I have been admitted to hospital. Please don’t worry, but call me when you can. Lots of love, D,P,O.”

It was always how he signed off; shorthand for Dad, Pete, Opa. Tim J. Veling would soon learn his father had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer with an estimated three months to live. The rug was suddenly pulled out from under his feet.

D,P,O is a record of those last, precious months. The photographs are testament to not only the grief that father and son worked through together, but more importantly the love and admiration they shared; an account of the inevitable slowing of one life set to a backdrop of a new life and relationships thriving. Intensely moving in its unflinching intimacy and honesty, D,P,O reminds us that while death comes to us all, we must live in the present and treasure deeply the company of people we hold dear. For within those that remain, love and life endure.

Tim J. Veling (New Zealand) is a photographer and Senior Lecturer in Photography at the Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He is also the director of “Place in Time: The Christchurch Documentary Project.”

June 3rd and 4th 2022

10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

October 7th and 8th 2022

10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

Presential Course


Harri Pälviranta

The workshop 'Expanded Documentary – Post-documentary practices in contemporary photography’ is designed to provoke photographers to use their medium in elaborative ways. Oftentimes the issues that photographers touch are so demanding and many-sided that alternative approaches need to be adopted. Even though classical visual story-telling is important, stretching the photographic medium’s possibilities may appear beneficial, particularly for projects touching difficult and edged societal topics.

The goal is to provide participants a historically and theoretically grounded perspective to image making which challenges the medium itself and thus suggests alternative perspectives to photography.

The workshop will last 4 days, but developed in two moments: 3rd and 4th June // 7th and 8th October.

What students will learn:
The workshop will focus on participants ongoing projects but also offer views to theoretical considerations around documentary practice and witnessing. Historical perspective to post-documentary approach is introduced and the idea of witnessing carefully conceptualized. These are shared as lectures but also during the discussions with the participants. Participants are suggested to apply this 'expanded methodology' in the execution of their ongoing projects.

Participation in the Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Candidates must pre-register on the Atelier de Lisboa website and send a portfolio and a short biography (atelierdelis[email protected]). Contact Atelier de Lisboa for any clarification.

The sessions with Harri Pälviranta will be in English.

Fee: 290€
Payment at the time of registration, validating the participation.

This workshop is organized by Atelier de Lisboa and IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival.